The Best Asphalt Resurfacing: A Neighbors Doing

The Ultimate Guide to Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing is a process of removing the old asphalt and adding new layers. It’s usually done because the surface has been worn down from heavy traffic, environmental factors, or age. If your driveway needs to be updated to give it a fresh look for all of your guests that you will soon have coming over then Grand Haven Asphalt Resurfacing is for you!

First, you need to decide what kind of parking lot resurfacing you need. There are three main types: full-depth asphalt, patching only the top layer and mill & inlay which involves removing the old pavement down to its base material.

Grand Haven Asphalt Resurfacing

Full-Depth Asphalt Resurface can extend a driveways life for about 20 years or more before another complete removal is required. Patching only the top layer will last for between four to eight years depending on traffic volume, weather conditions etc… Mill & Inlays lifespan is usually around 15 years but it’s very expensive so most people opt for one of the other two options instead.

Another option is to have a decorative asphalt overlay. A new layer of asphalt is installed on the existing surface and then it’s textured or stamped with a design that can be anything from brick pavers, stone slabs, cobblestone etc… This will require less maintenance than if you had full-depth resurfacing but also costs more.

If all else fails then Grand Haven Asphalt Resurfacing has another option for you: completely replacing your driveway! It’s very expensive though so definitely not what most people want to do. Most homeowners don’t need this kind of service until their driveways are at least 20 years old because they tend to last longer in Michigan weather conditions compared to other states where pavement isn’t as durable due to high heat and humidity.