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Tree Services

Improve Quality of Life

We are all aware of the many benefits that trees provide to our environment. They can help reduce air pollution, improve water quality, and increase property values. But what happens when a tree becomes diseased or infected? The best thing you can do is call in an expert arborist and get help from affordable tree service st. louis to keep your trees healthy and strong. Here’s how they can help with three common problems:

First problem: Pests

Trees are under attack – from insects, diseases and other pests. Trees can be injected or drenched with pesticides to kill these invaders. They may also prevent further problems by treating the soil around your trees to keep future infestation at bay.

Affordable Tree Service St. Louis

Second problem: Storm damage

A tree’s root system is vital for keeping it upright during storms. When a strong wind or ice storm comes through, all bets are off if you don’t have a healthy root system in place. An arborist will check over your tree before any inclement weather hits so that they can recommend steps needed for support .

Third problem: Removal of deadwood

Natural wear and tear eventually catch up with us humans too but a large branch dies on your tree – or your entire tree is at risk of dying. The best thing to do in this situation is remove the deadwood before it can fall on its own and hurt someone, damage property or kill off all the life that’s left in your beautiful green friends .

When you need help with any of these issues, think about calling an arborist right away for quality tree services. They can work wonders on improving quality of life around our home!