A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer

How to Create a Workout Plan

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a personal trainer is like? We will give you a sneak peak into one of our personal trainer session. We will also show you how to create your own workout plan. Personal trainers are not just for celebrities and athletes! Anyone can benefit from working with one, including beginners who are just starting out on their fitness journey.

The first thing you should know about personal training sessions is that they are not all created equal. Some last for an hour, some go over two hours and others can even last up to four hours! It depends on what the goal of each individual session is, how many people will be present during it (if any) and if there’s anything else going on at that time such as work or school commitments…

The second thing to understand when it comes down to creating a workout plan with your trainer: You don’t have too much choice in what exercises get done. Your trainer might decide which muscle groups need more attention than others based off of their knowledge about anatomy/physiology but ultimately YOU have final say when deciding what gets done first/last within each workout.

Personal Trainer Session

So if you want to focus on legs one day and back another then that’s fine too! Just remember not all muscle groups should be exercised at once so plan accordingly based off what your body needs right now versus wanting something completely different in the future (which could potentially lead to injury).

When I started training, my personal trainer would come up with a plan for me every week – it was always different from the previous week which kept things interesting but also made sure that we were working towards achieving goals together. We’d sit down during our first session of every month and map out exactly how many times per week he thought we should meet individually as well as group classes (+ other activities like running or biking) for optimal results over time because I wanted something more than just “pretty” muscles – I needed a lifestyle change too!

He would then write down what exercises we’d do on each day and for how long: For example, every second Monday there might be squats with a barbell + deadlifts at home as part of my leg workout routine. Then Tuesday could include running outside or biking (if weather permits) before meeting up again later that afternoon to focus on strengthening upper body muscles such as triceps/chest etcetera…